Membership number 1000!

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Membership number 1000!
by SMMC Admin - Wednesday, 13 May 2020, 10:38 PM

SMMC hit a milestone this week as membership number 1000 was issued... although we suspect this particular member might have preferred 999!

We are absolutely delighted that membership number 1000 was issued this week.

We’re even more delighted that our thousandth member is none other than Dr Paul Trafford.

Traff is a leading figure in motorsport medical safety and is known to many of us as the Medical Director of the British Touring Car Championship - a position he’s held for nearly 30 years. He’s the one in the Porsche Panamera Turbo at Knockhill when the BTCC arrives every August. He’s also a consultant anaesthetist living and working in Scotland, as well as being Chair of Motorsport UK’s Medical Committee (of which Dr Ben Shippey is a member) and their Medical Advisory Group (of which Dr John Harrington is a member).

Our current membership is just under 200 and it’s taken us 47 years to get to a total of 1000 members. That’s quite a milestone for SMMC and it’s appropriate that our thousandth member is someone who has done so much for motorsport across the UK and internationally - although we suspect he’s gutted he didn’t get number 999 😄