Topic outline

  • Lots of fun stuff!

    • Our activity sheets are for children to download and enjoy.

      (Adults, if you're feeling left out, feel free to join in... adults are just children in bigger bodies!)

      Word searches help develop word recognition, they assist in learning context clues, they help develop pattern recognition, they introduce and review vocabulary, they help with spelling... oh, and they're fun!

      Colouring sheets improve handwriting: children need hand strength and dexterity to manipulate a pencil on a paper. They improve hand and eye coordination, relaxation and patience, knowledge, confidence, motor skills, and they stimulate creativity. They help improve focus too: it has been proven that children who spend their time colouring have better concentrations and focus skills. And they're also fun!

      We have lots more planned for this page - from activities for you to download, to resources to support STEM.

      • STEM activities

        Motorsport links to science, technology, engineering and maths in many ways. We will soon have a wide range of resources for teachers, home educators, parents and children.

        We also have a STEM ambassador who can visit your group or school to talk about the different ways that motorsport is impacted by science, technology, engineering and maths. Examples include:

        • the mechanics and hydraulics of our rescue equipment
        • how speed and forces of gravity can affect the mechanism of injury
        • how topography affects radio signals
        • and much more.