How to get involved

Join us... be a motorsport marshal

Be part of the action!

For any event to take place, be it a small club sprint or a grand prix, a dedicated army of marshals is required. As a volunteer marshal, you'll get the best seat in the house (apart from the drivers obviously).

Motorsport is dependent on volunteers, and without the minimum number of marshals required for a meeting the event simply cannot take place. That is the worst-case scenario, and in reality it rarely happens due to the unrivalled enthusiasm and commitment of countless individuals with an amazing variety of background and experience.

Marshals carry out a wide range of duties: observer, flag marshal, course marshal, incident marshal, spectator marshal, paddock marshal, pit marshal, start line marshal, timing marshal, radio marshal and rescue unit crew; it goes without saying that marshals really do save lives. And for those who prefer not to brave the elements, there are also plenty of administrative duties, usually with a roof provided.

There are duties to suit everyone, almost irrespective of age, gender or disability and you'll make many friends and enjoy a great sense of achievement.

Minimum Requirements

In general terms, there are none. Volunteers are welcome at any age, although the duties of young people may be limited in certain situations. Those aged between their 11th and 16th birthdays qualify as cadet marshals and though are unable to perform trackside duties they can get involved in a host of other interesting roles.

All motor sport is run by teams of volunteer marshals, officials and safety crews, and having a disability doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t perform one of these roles. Motor sport offers equal opportunities at all levels. If you have a disability, still speak to us, we can see what can be done to accommodate you so that you can be involved in motor sport. We would be very happy to hear from you.

Join Us

We are always keen to attract new members and provide them with the training necessary to enhance the safety services on events.

If you already have special skills – technical, mechanical, rescue, vehicle recovery, medical, first aid or administration – you may wish to use them as a volunteer with us.

We offer three types of membership:

Your initial subscription includes a windscreen badge. You can also order additional window badges, or self-adhesive badges for your clipboard.

Your first subscription payment covers the date of admission to either:

  • the next 28 February (if you join between 1 March and 31 October)
  • or the next but one 28 February, if you join between 1 November and 28 February.

Thereafter, your subscription payment is due on 1 March each year.

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