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A lot goes on to maintain and improve the Club behind the scenes. The Board is made up of the Trustees and a number of Co-ordinators. The Board meets every month and the normal agenda includes many varied items including Club promotion, Club finances, the Motorsport Radio Group, Safeguarding, Membership issues, Rescue Units, Training, Social events (including the Club's 50th Anniversary celebrations) and more.


The Trustees are legally responsible for the management of the Club and ensuring it carries out its activities properly.

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Honorary President


Marshalling is a rewarding way of getting more closely involved with motor sport and joining a community of like-minded enthusiasts.


We are always keen to attract new members and provide them with the training necessary to enhance the safety services on events.

Motorsport Radio Group

The Motorsport Radio Group (MRG) provides safety and administrative communications to a wide range of motorsport events.

Rescue Team

Our Rescue Team provides emergency medical and extrication cover at Motorsport UK permitted motorsport events.

Motorsport Medical Group

The Motorsport Medical Group is a community of interest aimed at doctors, nurses, paramedics, AHPs, rescue crews and anyone else that has a genuine interest in sharing best practice and information about medicine and pre-hospital care in a motorsport setting.

The Medical Adviser is responsible for the clinical governance of the Rescue teams and the first aid training for Club members.


The improvement of motorsport marshalling standards has been one of SMMC’s main stated objectives since its inception in 1973 and we are proud to be at the forefront of Marshals’ training in Scotland.


The Safeguarding Officer acts as the first point of contact for all safeguarding enquiries within the Club and to ensure that welfare is considered in all aspects of the Club activities. If you have a concern about a child, young person or vulnerable adult or a concern about poor practice/possible abuse by adults working with children or vulnerable adults, you MUST report it to the Club Safeguarding Officer. ‘Never do nothing’ - it is every adult’s responsibility to safeguard children and adults at risk.

Publicity and Communications

Our Comms Co-ordinator is responsible for the development and production of our information and communication activities, which includes managing our website and social media.

Environmental Sustainability

Although SMMC does not organise events, we are conscious of the need to mitigate our own impact on the environment. Working with the Trustees, our Environmental Champion is responsible for the identification and implementation of key environmental initiatives.

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