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SMMC is managed by a Board of Directors, who are legally responsible for the management of the Club and ensuring it carries out its activities properly.

  • Chairman: Nick Clarke
  • Secretary: Rod Howat
  • Treasurer: Garry Headridge
  • Directors: Michael Gascoigne, Alastair Gray, Norman Halcrow, Catherine Headridge, Andrew Main, Donald Reid

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Marshalling is a rewarding way of getting more closely involved with motor sport and joining a community of like-minded enthusiasts.

  • Rally – Rod Howat
  • Speed – Alastair Gray


We are always keen to attract new members and provide them with the training necessary to enhance the safety services on events.

  • Catherine Headridge

Motorsport Radio Group

The Motorsport Radio Group (MRG) provides safety and administrative communications to a wide range of motorsport events.

  • Garry Headridge

Rescue Units

Our Rescue Units provide emergency medical and extrication cover at Motorsport UK permitted motorsport events.

  • Alastair Gray


The improvement of motor sport marshalling standards has been one of SMMC’s main stated objectives since its inception in 1973 and we are proud to be at the forefront of Marshals’ training in Scotland.

  • Rod Howat

Club Safeguarding Officer

The Safeguarding Officer acts as the first point of contact for anyone in the club (staff, volunteer, parents or children) who has a concern about a child and about poor practice/possible abuse by adults working with children.


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