The improvement of motor sport marshalling standards has been one of SMMC’s main stated objectives since its inception in 1973 and we are proud to be at the forefront of Marshals’ training in Scotland.

Training is structured, monitored and regulated by Motorsport UK, the sport’s governing body.

Several members of SMMC are licensed Motorsport UK training instructors.

Marshal training

We strongly encourage you to register with Motorsport UK, as this is the best way to ensure that you receive the proper training for your role regardless of the discipline. You will need to undertake an online, multi-discipline module to become a Registered Marshal.

As a Registered Marshal, you can attend any discipline of the sport to assist the marshalling team - but you must inform the organising club if you are just starting out on your marshalling journey or are new to the discipline – they will then ensure that you are supported by someone with the appropriate experience.

If you have not previously undertaken the Rally Marshal Accreditation Course (which is available on the Motorsport UK Learning Hub), you must do so before being permitted to marshal unsupervised on a Stage Rally and you will be required to show evidence to confirm that you have met this requirement, otherwise the organiser will need to place you with someone that has done the course.

The importance of the online rally marshals’ training and accreditation cannot be over-stressed as this discipline is now regulated in much the same way as Race marshalling has been for some time. This means maintaining a marshal’s Personal Record Card to demonstrate that both acceptable training and event attendance has been carried out in order to ensure competence. This is no more than many aspects of day jobs require and has many positive benefits, such as the support of Motorsport UK in carrying out your duties at events. It also allows a progression through the available levels of the Marshal Grading Scheme, which means that if you have the enthusiasm and dedication, there are few barriers from becoming a Senior Official at an event, when some years before you entered the sport as a rookie.

Training courses

On the job training

Guidance on how to carry out your duties on the day will be given to new marshals by a Senior Official prior to an event.

You should come to motorsport events appropriately dressed for whatever the Scottish weather might throw at you... and you should try to bring sufficient food with you to see you through the day.

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