About the Motorsport Radio Group

The Motorsport Radio Group (MRG) provides a high-quality communications service on rallies to improve the safety of competitors, officials and spectators.

Probably the easiest way to describe us is that we are marshals with a means of communication.

MRG members provide safety communications on rounds of the Scottish Rally Championship, Scottish Tarmack Championship, off road events and other rallies throughout the UK. We are also regularly asked to assist with test and promotional days. Members have also provided safety cover on charity events where the public pay for a ride in a rally car.

If the Club is asked to co-ordinate radio crews for an event, we circulate our members looking for crews to assist and work closely with the organisers to decide where to position radio marshals on the day. We might also be asked to provide radio cover for media / shakedown days ahead of the actual event.

How communications work in motorsport

As a Group we licence and use the Tartan call sign for use on the Motorsport UK Safety and Medical frequencies. Several of our members are also members of other motor clubs and use the call sign licensed to the other club or Group. These call signs include Border, Granite, Kingdom, Lanark, Lion, Mull, Nevis, Scot, Silk, Teviot, Thistle and Tob.

Radio marshals are located at the start, finish and at certain mid-stage locations agreed with event organisers. It is a Motorsport UK requirement that there be no more than 5km between radios on stages.

Stages radios report to a Radio Controller, who may be responsible for one or more stages depending on the area and reception (radio waves don’t like hills and glens).

How to get involved

We are always keen to attract new members and provide them with the training necessary to enhance the safety services on events.

There are duties to suit everyone, almost irrespective of age, gender or disability and you'll make many friends and enjoy a great sense of achievement.

The Motorsport UK Marshals’ Pathway gives information about the training, attendance requirements and assessments - we have summarised the requirement for radio marshals here.

If you think rally radio is for you, or just have any other questions, please feel free to contact the Co-ordinator of the MRG. Alternatively look out for one of our members on a rally near you.

Find out more about how to get involved.

Get in touch

  • MRG Co-ordinator: Pete Lawrence
  • Motorsport UK Radio Co-ordinator for Scotland: Garry Headridge

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Don’t worry if you are a new to rally radio, training will be provided. The Club encourages all our members, no matter what type of marshalling they are interested in, to join Motorsport UK as a Registered Marshal. This provides you with some basic knowledge and skills. It will also mean that you would be allowed to take on radio duties on your own without having to be 'buddied' by a more experienced operator.

The Motorsport UK Marshals’ Pathway gives information about the training, attendance requirements and assessments - we have summarised the requirement for radio marshals here.

The Club wants members to be comfortable in their role so we arrange additional training to develop your experience. Initially we will place you with a buddy (even if you are an Registered Marshal) so you can see first-hand what is involved as a radio marshal, the records you need to keep and the type of messages being passed.

As your experience grows we will arrange for you to be placed on a non-mandatory post to build up your knowledge and confidence. Only then will we allocate you a mandatory mid-stage post or a start or finish.

Useful websites

Club equipment

We recognise that the financial commitment required to buy your own radio and antenna may prevent individuals getting involved. To encourage new members, the Club has a number of radios that are available to members for use. This allows new members to come along to a few rallies and try your hand at being a radio marshal before you have to think about buying your own radio.

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