Motorsport on Closed Public Roads - Transport Scotland publishes analysis of responses

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Motorsport on Closed Public Roads - Transport Scotland publishes analysis of responses
by SMMC Admin - Monday, 25 February 2019, 7:01 PM

An overwhelming majority of respondents support the introduction of a two stage application process with the appropriate Motorsports Governing Bodies and Local Road Authorities at the heart of that process.

The Scottish Government recently sought views from stakeholders and interested parties on a proposal to permit motorsports events, such as stage rallies, hill climbs and trials of speed, on closed public roads in Scotland, and the possible introduction of a two stage application process to permit such events under certain circumstances.

The consultation was designed to gather the views of stakeholders and individuals to help inform the Scottish Government’s policy in relation to motorsports on closed public roads, and to assist in the development of any future legislation in this area.

The analysis of responses has now been published.

In total 3,788 responses were received.

98.71% of those responses agreed with the proposal to introduce a two stage application process, involving Motorsports Governing Bodies and Local Authorities, to allow motorsports events to take place on closed public roads.

The majority of respondents (99.10%) agreed that the current powers Local Authorities have to close roads for events should be extended to also cover motorsports events. In addition the majority of respondents (98.84%) also agreed that Local Authorities should have the power to suspend speed limits and road traffic regulations for event participants.

The majority of Local Authorities who responded stated that they would be willing to work with the relevant Motorsports Governing Body to host an on road event within their area. Additionally the majority do not envisage the need for any further powers in addition to those being proposed.

The analysis also found that the majority of respondents urged consideration of both the positive economic impact motorsports events can bring and how previous events in Scotland and current events in other countries are run. Less favourable comments were received in relation to issues such as local and environmental impacts.

The findings of this analysis and the responses received will be considered during the drafting of regulations to govern future motorsports events on closed public roads regulations.

You can read the full analysis of responses on the Transport Scotland website.

The Scottish Association of Motor Sports Clubs said, “This is an important next step on the way to getting the Jim Clark and Mull rallies back soon, and possibly more events in the future. Thanks to everyone who responded and helped get to this situation. Watch closely for the next steps.”


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