The Future is in the Stars!

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The Future is in the Stars!
by SMMC Admin - Tuesday, 14 July 2020, 5:02 PM

Find out how Archie, Fiona and Kyle will be representing the NHS to millions watching the British Grand Prix, the most prestigious event of the motorsport calendar, on Sunday 2 August.

SMMC has long been involved in motorsport events outwith Scotland and Club members have been chosen to marshal at the Formula 1 British Grand Prix for many years.

SMMC first sent a rescue team to help at the Grand Prix in 1982 (then at Brands Hatch). Saltire 1 was crewed by Andy Birrell, Frazer Madder and James and Andy Stronach. You can read the full story in Marshals Post 38, September 1982.

Fast forward 38 years and the Formula 1 Grand Prix at Silverstone on 2nd August is running behind closed doors because of the coronavirus pandemic.

The national anthem ceremony on the Sunday is therefore going to be virtual - but is going to especially celebrate the efforts of NHS workers during the pandemic.

We are absolutely delighted and extremely proud that of the ten children picked by Motorsport UK and the FIA to be part of the ‘virtual’ opening ceremony, three of them are from Scotland and very involved with motorsport through Scottish Motorsport Marshals Club.

Twins Kyle and Fiona Moffat (aged 7) and Archie Clark (aged 9) have all been chosen as FIA F1 Future Stars, an initiative by the world governing body aimed at building and encouraging the next generation of fans.

Kyle and Fiona's dad and stepmum are SMMC members Guy Moffat and Dr Yvonne Cunningham (Moffat). Yvonne is an obstetrician in Livingston.

Archie’s mum and stepdad are Rachel and Dr Stuart Williams, good friends of SMMC. Rachel is a Senior Charge ODP and Stuart is an anaesthetist in Aberdeen. Stuart works very closely with our Rescue teams on many rallies and at Knockhill.

Archie, Fiona and Kyle will join the other winners and the 2019 Motorsport UK Bambino Kart Time Trial and Race Champions on the grid for the pre-race ceremony and will be representing the NHS to millions watching the British Grand Prix around the world.

The selection video and media statement from Motorsport UK is at

The FIA F1 Future Stars will be wearing full F1 racesuits, which they will get to keep as a memento of a very special day in their young lives.

The memory of being so closely involved with the most prestigious event of the motorsport calendar is one that will stay with them for many years to come.

But it’s not only the young people involved!

SMMC Rescue stalwart John Bennie has been marshalling at the Formula 1 British Grand Prix at Silverstone since 1998, in the heady days when Schumacher led almost every race throughout the season. Since then, he has worked most of the corners on the circuit. This will be his 21st Grand Prix. In 2017, John moved onto Silverstone’s Medical and Rescue Team and he is now on his fourth season as a crew member.

We’re very excited to be seeing Archie, Fiona and Kyle on the television, but with the nature of John’s involvement in motorsport rescue, we’ll be happy if we DON’T see him on screen!!

Being invited to be involved with such a high profile event is a huge accolade so a massive well done to Archie, Fiona, Kyle and John - thank you for support of motorsport, and thank you for being such great ambassadors for SMMC and Scotland.