Head Injury Advice Leaflets

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Head Injury Advice Leaflets
by Dr John Harrington - Friday, 14 February 2020, 10:19 PM

Concussion is an important health issue in sport and this is also true for motorsport. SMMC are pleased to be supporting the RESCUE-RACER study, the long-term results of which will be used to create guidelines for return to race decisions.

Almost one million patients a year are diagnosed with mild traumatic brain injury or concussion in UK Emergency Departments. The most common cause is involvement in a road traffic collision and the third most common is sports participation. Concussion is becoming increasingly common in motorsport, where concussed competitors may remain in control of a potentially-lethal vehicle.

SMMC are pleased to be supporting the RESCUE-RACER study, which investigates concussed motorsports participants by assessing symptoms, tests of vision, thinking/memory and brain imaging, as well as analysis of saliva. The long-term results of the research will be used to predict the recovery rate from concussion, to create guidelines for return to race decisions and to translate findings to general road use and sport.

Our Motorsport Rescue Crews and medics will be giving information about this study to any competitors aged 16 and above who have been involved in a motorsport incident with the potential for concussion.

We have also developed a Head Injury Advice Leaflet with advice for competitors and their families about what to do and what symptoms to look out for.

John Harrington
SMMC Medical Adviser