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Rescue Unit and red Subaru rally car

Marshals at stage finish on RSAC Scottish Rally.

About Scottish Motorsport Marshals Club Limited

Who are we?

SMMC was established in 1973 by a group of like-minded people, determined to raise the importance of safety and training in motorsport marshalling in Scotland. Now, we are one of the leading ‘four wheel’ motorsport marshalling clubs in the UK with widespread membership.

What do we do ?

As there are so many active and successful motor clubs across Scotland, we do not try to organise our own events, but instead advise our members what is happening across the country and how they can become involved in these events. Occasionally, we do run stages on rallies and in the past few years this has included the Tunnock’s Mull Rally and the IRC Rally of Scotland however this is much less than in the past. Part of the reason for this is that we have changed over the past ten years into two main specialisms, those of dedicated rescue and radio teams, providing services to the majority of motorsport events, whether these are special stage rallies, speed events or circuit races. This is in response to the requirements placed upon organisers by the Motor Sports Association (MSA), the governing body for motorsport in the UK.

How do we operate?

The Club’s active membership receives event advice sheets at intervals throughout the year. These contain information about those events for which a request for marshals has been received, their details and how to offer assistance. Traditionally, these have been sent out by post however due to demand, we will be sending out information in future by e-mail to those who wish. With the redevelopment of this web site, we have the chance now to set up a system of event alerts, where e-mails can be sent out to Members if we get a last-minute request for marshals from organisers.

Our Calendar

This is shown on the calendar page of this site, and this is linked to that of the Scottish Association of Motor Sports Clubs (SAMSC), of which SMMC is a supportive member. By doing this, it opens up a much wider range of events than SMMC itself covers, so if your interests lie in, say, Autotests, Off-Road Trials or Navigational Rallies, both in and beyond Scotland, then all of the information can be accessed. For those events which SMMC is attending in some capacity, the columns are marked with whether marshals are required, or if radio or rescue crews are on duty.

Club Magazine

For many years, SMMC has published a magazine three times a year, called MARSHALS POST. From humble beginnings as a small leaflet, it grew with technology into a full colour printed newsletter which was sent out to the members. Over the past few years it has not been published as we anticipated a different means of advising our members about what had been happening in marshalling. In future, we intend to create it and publish it on this site, with back editions able to be viewed by visitors.

Chairman: Nick Clarke
Secretary: Michael Gascoigne
Treasurer: Garry Headridge

Alastair Gray
Norman Halcrow
Catherine Headridge
Rod Howat
Andrew Main
Donald Reid

Company Number: SC67287

Registered Office: Glenalmond, Whitefield Road, Dunfermline, KY12 0SY    (Please do not write to this address, use the   Contact Us   page first)

Key contacts:
    Rally – Rod Howat
    Speed – Alastair Gray
Membership Secretary: Catherine Headridge
Motorsport Radio Group Co-ordinator: Garry Headridge
Rescue Units: Alastair Gray
Training: Rod Howat

Any of the above can be contacted through the Contact Us  page.

Companies Act 2006
Registered in Scotland (Company No. SC67287)
Registered Office: Glenalmond, Whitefield Road, Dunfermline, KY12 0SY